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island of PagPag Cheese

The Pag cheese is the best known and most respected sheep’s cheese in Croatia. It is characterised by a pleasant spicy flavour and its colouring is light to dark yellow, depending on age. It is made of sheep’s milk from the Pag sheep, which graze on rocky pastures that are rich in various types of aromatic and medicinal plants. In addition, special value is added by the traces of salt that remain on the grass following the bora – the strong north wind that on the island of Pag. The Pag cheese is one of the most recognizable Croatian brands, both in the country and abroad. The island of Pag produces about 220 tons of cheese each year.

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Dairy Sirana Mih
Dairy Gligora

island of PagCenturies- olive grove

The Lun olive groves represent a true oasis and one of the most scenic and beautiful corners of our island. Among the countless olive trees, there are about 1500 wild olive trees – Olea Oleaster – measuring about 5-8 metres in height and about 20 – 80 cm in DBH. This area of wild olives, which covers 24 hectares of space, is the only one of its kind in the Adriatic Sea region and it has great botanical value. Due to its special characteristics, it was protected and proclaimed a botanical preserve in 1963. The Olive Gardens of Lun project commenced in 2010 and will be completed during 2013. The aim of the project is to protect the natural and cultural values and to promote this unique landscape. The Olive Gardens of Lun project is mostly financed by pre-accession EU fund grants.

island of PagThe Pag sheep

Pag lamb is the second most important product of the Pag sheep. This is the most common lamb meat on the market and is created by the same sheep breeders who produce the Pag cheese. The lambs are only fed the sheep’s natural milk, which gives the meat a special taste. The Pag lamb meat is pale pink, lean and delicate. The lamb meat is prepared in various ways, most notably using a rotisserie.

island of PagThe Pag lamb

The beach is located north of Novalja, along the southeast coast of the Novalja Bay. It is covered with fine sand, it is warm, shallow and well-kept. It has restaurants and various recreational facilities. Due to its excellent maintenance and facilities, the beach has had a blue flag since the summer of 2004. In one of the events thrown by the Croatian Tourist Board and the Blue Flower Media, the beach won two awards - for best kept and most beautiful beach on the Adriatic coast. This beach is great for families with children.

island of PagHotel restaurant winery Boškinac

Are you looking to escape to a place where the scents of sage and savoury surround you? To dive into peace and quiet, and daydream under the baldachin near the dense pine wood, or at the edge of the vineyard or olive grove? Be careful what you wish for, as this place can create a lasting addiction, be it to the explosion of flavours, the enticing fragrance of wines, or the view over the Novalja fields that give a glimpse back into the past. The wine cellar has always been the backbone of the lives of the Šuljić and Boškinac families. The varieties of grape have changed over the years, wars have passed through the Novalja field – but the vineyards have left an indelible trace of survival, and the production of wine has been nurtured here for centuries. To remain on the rocky terrain, and to continue walking along the trails of our forefathers has been a constant in the life of this family, from granddad Boškinac to his grandsons. Some ten years ago, a new period began on the foundations of tradition. The Boškinac Winery was built in 2000, and that same year, a new vineyard was planted near the winery on 5 ha of land. Considering that for millennia, people have used wine to feed, refresh and heal themselves, the wall of the attractive winery bears the famous quote of Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” At Boškinac, we apply what people have known since times immemorial – that in moderate quantities, wine, especially red, truly benefits the health and the spirit.

Hotel & Restaurant Boškinac